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Bonnaroo 2023


Experience Bonnaroo

MTN Reporter, Trey Godsey

June 16th, 2023

Paris Paloma Bonnarroo Interview

On the first day of Bonnaroo 2023, Middle Tennessee News had the opportunity to meet and speak with some lively festival-goers who had a unique experience. Here's their story.

MTN Reporter, Trey Godsey, had the chance to sit down with British singer/songwriter, Paris Paloma. Paloma is best known for her song "Labour", which rose to promience on Tik Tok with over 40,000 videos using the song. Paris describes her experince at Bonnaroo, her uncomping music, and some of her creative proccess. Watch to find out more on Paloma's journery as a artist. 

Sheryl Crow Bonnaroo Interview

Sheryl Crow preforms at Bonnarroo Music and Arts Festival 2023. She played on the "What Stage" on June 17th, 2023. She explains her time not only as an artist, but a mother. Watch to find out more on Sheryl Crow at Bonnaroo.  

Noah Kahan Bonnaroo Interview

Be sure to follow #Roo23MTN throughout the Bonnaroo weekend.


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