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Ariana Debose’s Journey From Broadway To The Oscars

By: Mary-Beth Mangrum

MTN Lifestyle & Entertainment Reporter

Ariana Debose’s artistic talent first gained traction when she performed the wordless part of The Bullet in Lin Manuel-Miranda’s Hamilton… and just like a bullet, her success has been rapid fire ever since.

Debose’s achievements are, to say the least, remarkable. Not only is she the newest recipient for the award of Best Supporting Actress thanks to her show-stopping performance as Anita in Spielberg’s West Side Story adaptation, but she is also the first Afro-Latina actress to ever accomplish this.

Although her performance as Anita has become her most acclaimed one, Debose made her Broadway debut in Bring It On: The Musical back in 2012. Her theatrical career soon took off, and many long-time fans and performers alike have expressed their joy at her receiving such a prestigious accolade.

Debose’s win is also a win for representation within the media. She is a woman of color and is also an openly queer actor – both of which are underrepresented in the history of academy awards.

Receiving an Oscar has allowed Debose to make a lasting mark on history… but fans don’t believe she will be stopping there. This actress’ path to prosperity has just begun.


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