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Circulate the Love: MTSU Blood Drive

Don't have any Valentine's Day plans?

You can share your love with MTSU as they host one of their annual blood drives...and you won't need to spend a dime to make show someone you love them.

The blood drive "Circulate the Love," was held in the Keathley University Center on campus for its second year in a row.

Senior Account Manager, Gene Baker is charge of getting all the Blood Drive's in order throughout Rutherford County.

Baker said that "MTSU is my largest sponsor."

Partnering with the American Red Cross, the blood drive has always been about helping others, however there was a interesting twist on how those in need receive that help.

Baker said that this year the blood drive introduced what's called a "rapid pass," which is where you could use your smart phone or your laptop the day of the drive and register your general information on there instead of going to the booth and spending more time on that.

He said that by using this new system in a newer and "better" location the drive has received a lot more volunteers than before. Last year it was in the Tom Jackson building.

Baker said that "we need folks and I like to point this out because patients fighting cancer use about a quarter of the nations blood supply, we need about 35,000 units everyday in this country to meet our needs."

For those that missed out on the Valentine's Day blood drive it's not the last one this spring. The next one will be on Monday, April 6, 2020. The time and place is to be announced.

For more information about donating blood for the American Red Cross and MTSU, visit http://redcrossblood.organytime.


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