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COVID-19 Impacts Out-of-State Students

COVID-19 has affected everyone this past year. Though when you start to think about how COVID has affected college students, in particular, you don’t consider what certain students had to go through. Out-of-state students make up a large portion of MTSU’s attendance. What we don’t consider is how difficult it was for out-of-state students to go from on-campus learning to remote/ hybrid learning. Though online learning may have made it easier for some out-of-state students, it’s not the case for all of them.

When talking to out-of-state student, Amaani Allen, about her thoughts on how COVID-19 has affected out-of-state students specifically she had a lot to say on the topic. “My main problem with the whole remote learning and online classes thing being an out-of-state student. This semester I only have online classes, I don’t have any classes that meet in person on campus whatsoever.”

This semester alone Amaani Allen has spent over $4,700 to live in an on-campus apartment that she did not need due to her classes being online. “ You don’t have a finalized answer for what type of class it’s going to be until after your housing is set. I could have gotten all that $ back on the on-campus apt that I already paid for, if I had known that I wouldn’t even have to be on campus.”

This has been a struggle that out-of-state students have had to face due to COVID-19 this past year.


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