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Dell Certification Program initiates at Lavergne High School

According to Rutherford County Schools a new opportunity has set and landed at Lavergne High School. Dale Hudson desires his students to be successful in life.

With the helping hand of Erin Alvarado who is a instructional technology there right at Lavergne High School.

Noah Currey and William Walker became the first two students to achieve a pair of official Dell Enterprise Certifications, and many others have began an in-school internship program working along with the hardware and systems support staff.

Two certifications are earned on the students own timing. It’s an easy step by step session to where the students download a powerpoint lesson and work through each material at their very own rate. The sessions can be down either at home or in school.

As the intern they will need to develop interpersonal skills also known as “soft skills.”

Not only will the students be learning just to troubleshoot Dell computers, but can also achieve leadership skills. Getting better into working as a team and hold accountability.

As the district is progressing this program so many others can participate and being able to supply laptops for all students to have access.

-Christina Gilbert, MTN Reporter


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