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Duck River Washout Creates Social Media Fall Out



Audio Transcript: Duck River Raceway Park had to cancel their biggest event of the year and took heavy criticism on social media because of it.

Last Friday, the Lewisburg, TN dirt track had to cancel their World of Outlaws Morton Buildings Late Models Series event due to continuing snow melt off and additional rounds of rain that came through Middle Tennessee causing unsaturated grounds.

Duck River Public Relations Coordinator, Josh Plant, cited they were not able to get on the grounds and work the speedway. The combination of all those variables wouldn’t have been a good show for the fans in attendance or watching online.

The decision came with heavy backlash from fans on social media. Plant said that it comes with the territory and that social media has been a great thing for racing but obviously has some downsides. The track intends to continue to operate even in light of the track's social media post citing the speedway was upset with the unfair criticism and even threatening to shut the speedway down.

The track has had three events scheduled so far this year, all of which being cancelled due to weather.

Duck River Raceway Park is scheduled to return to on-track competition this Saturday, March 20th with an open practice followed by their season opener next Saturday, March 27th featuring the 602 Crate Late Models. This is Dawson Elliott reporting for Middle Tennessee News.

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