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Finding Doe Podcast

By: MTN Reporter Kristi Jones

The goal for this project was to create a series of multi-media journalistic audio stories detailing the work of Todd Matthews, creator of “The Doe Network'', a valuable resource in identifying human remains whose bodies have been recovered by public citizens and law enforcement. Matthews uses this group to harness the power of the internet to help solve the “nation’s silent mass disaster,” a phrase coined by the National Missing and Unidentifiable Person System. Each episode details what “The Doe Network” is and dives into multiple cases that Matthews has worked over twenty years.

Episode 1: Recomposing the Decomposed

Taking a dive into the life of Todd Matthews, owner and creator of "The Doe Network", a system of reuniting families with answers to unsolved questions about the mysteries of their loved ones. Understanding why he does it and some of his milestone cases... this is Finding Doe.

Episode 2: Who is Tent Girl

The first of thousands, the foundational case in all of Todd Matthews research. A case that connects families all over the country, including his own.

Episode 3: Who is Charlie

Unsolved for over 20 years, an East Tennessee mother will never stop fighting for her son. As time moves on, she lays his fate in Todd Matthews hands as she asks him for a favor no-one may be able to do.

Episode 4: Who is Steve

A double life that no-one expects to have. Meeting another world decades after you are born. And to Matthew's, the beginning of another part of his life. After he is done Finding Doe...


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