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Greenhouse Ministry of Murfreesboro

Written by: Emily Heim

Greenhouse Ministries is a nonprofit organization that exists through local volunteers in

the community. This organization gives people the opportunity to move out of their hopelessness and see their God given potential. When you walk through the doors you are immediately showered with love and respect. Greenhouse ministries serves everyone in the community without qualification- they do not ask income-based nor benefit employment questions.

Local resident, Amanda McFall tells us her story on how Greenhouse Ministries has

changed her life for the better. McFall along with many other locals in the area have been

showered with support and encouragement to find hope within their own respected boundaries.

Greenhouse lifts up those who have given countless hours of volunteering to assure the less

fortunate of Murfreesboro have a place to go in their time of need. Greenhouse Ministries isn’t

just about providing material things, the ministry goes above and beyond in helping educate the community -which in return will make for more productive citizens within our city.


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