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Guide to Vocal Warm-Ups

by Olivia Cate

Vocal warm-ups are a necessity for every singer to do before a performance or an audition. Vocal instructor Katie Colosimo explains why they are important.

Katie -

"The benefits of vocal warm ups; I call them the three P's. It prevents vocal injury, promotes consistent vocal growth and prepares you mentally and physically for singing success."

Having proper air flow while singing a song can make or break how the pronounciation of a word is sung. Fortunately, there is a warm-up that can help strengthen and open the voice for air flow.

"I start with a meh; m e h and I add excess air like a dog pant throughout it (vocalizes dog pant) on top of that tone. So, "meh, meh, meh, meh, meh, meh, meh."

If you don't have access to a piano to practice the warm-up, no need to worry. There are tons of warm-ups accessible to you by just using your voice. Vocal Instructor Sophie Sheer shares a few, starting with lip trails.

Sophie -

"(vocalizes lip trail), up and down, then I typically like to do the vacuum cleaner, (vocalizes vacuum cleaner) and then I like to do the creaky door as well. (vocalizes creaky door)"

The lip trail gets rid of strain all across your range, the vaccum cleaner warms up your chest and head voice to help you sing loud without shouting and the creaky door connects vocal cords to avoid putting strain on your neck muscles.

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