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International Potluck

By: Abby Schersand

MTN Lifestyle and Entertainment Reporter

This past Sunday, the Global Learning Community in House 7 at MTSU held an international potluck. Students made dishes from their country and culture to share with their fellow residents. There were foods from Germany, Vietnam, Nigeria, Somalia, Japan, and the United States.

Twenty-one students attended from House 7 and from nearby Womack Lane apartments. The students who cooked dishes were Holly Nguyen, Halima Ibrahim, Elena Pasniceanu, Frieda Engel, David Fuchs, Charlotte Ziller, Miyu Unate, Kanako Kubo, Munachimso Ihejirika, Abby Schersand, and Samantha Catlett.

Some of the dishes included German schnitzel and potato salad, Japanese onigiri and miso soup, Vietnamese rice, and American buffalo chicken dip, among others. The students raved about the food and were excited to try dishes from other cultures.

A big thanks to MTSU Housing Area 5 and Area Coordinator John Alderson for sponsoring this event and providing the materials for the dishes.


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