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Middle Tennessee State University softball loses 7-5 against Tennessee Tech

By: MTN Sports Reporter Caroline Colvard

MTSU Softball cheer for each other before taking the field.

The Blue Raiders fell to the Golden Eagles 7-5 on Sunday. Though MTSU lost, junior outfielder Kelci Hill was able to secure two runs as well as two RBIs during the game.

Claire Czajkowski up at bat.

Following MTSU’s loss, Hill said, “I think we just need to come together and work together a lot more. We’re coming to the end of the fall season, so I think that we have a lot of growing to do because we’re a very young team, but I think we’re getting there.”

Claire Czajkowski, a freshman infielder, knocked in an RBI and struck 2-for-4. Senior pitcher/ first baseman Mia Marinakis also stood out with an RBI of her own.

Tennessee Tech started strong, leading 1-0 after completing the first run of the game.

After an unproductive second inning, MTSU was able to put two runs on the board, leading 2-1.

However, Tennessee Tech quickly regained the lead by clocking in four runs in the fourth inning.

During the fifth inning, the score remained 5-1, with the Blue Raiders trailing the Golden Eagles.

Tech put another run on the board in the sixth inning, but MTSU was able to score a run for themselves, putting the score at 6-4.

Following another inning with neither team scoring, Tennessee Tech added yet another run to the board, bringing the score 7-4 at the bottom of the eighth.

Tennessee Tech was unable to put any runs forward for the rest of the game. However, the Blue Raiders were able to earn one final run before the end of the tenth, bringing the final score on the board 7-5.

Looking forward to next week’s game against Columbia State Community College, head Coach Jeff Breeden said, “Our team strength is our athleticism. Everybody we got pretty much can run, so we’re going to put a lot of pressure on people’s defense. We’ve got to do a little bit of a better job with our short game.”


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