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Midterm Elections Turnout

By:Ryan Martinolich

MTN Reporter

It is Midterm Election season, and around the United States the question is posed; how many individuals are actually going to the poles to vote?

In a recent poll by MTN Reporter, Ryan Martinolich, he took an inside look on the interest in democracy here in the Midstate.

And in this research, he found that younger individuals are not taking the opportunity to vote more specifically during the midterm elections.

Within the study of democracy, Martinolich, was able to spotlight how the voting turn out is only as popular as the candidates.

More people come out to the polls when the election is more exciting. The candidates that are running are putting time and effort into making a difference in their community.

The midterm elections are important to the United States culture, this guides our democracy locally, state-wide, and nationally.


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