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MTSU Blue Raiders Fought to Win Against Southern Miss in Nine Inning Game

By: Bailee Stump

MTN Sports Reporter

Stakes were high, but energy from the stands was higher as the Blue Raiders (14-15, 2-1 C-USA) played Southern Miss (18-11, 1-5 C-USA) this weekend in the series winning 6-5 after a ninth inning overtime game Sunday at Blue Raider Softball Field.

Claire Czajkowski dodged a tag and scored the winning run after a wild pitch caused the ball to deflect off the pitcher's glove, opening home plate for her to steal.

“When I saw my teammates running out of the dugout, I realized we had won,” said Czajkowski. “It was a great feeling”

Two doubles in the bottom of first inning allowed the Blue Raiders to secure their first run after Anyce Harvey hit the second double, assisting Kelsi Hill to score.

It was an evenly matched game until the top of the fourth when Southern Miss secured three runs and only allowed the Blue Raiders three hitters up to bat in the bottom of the fourth creating a gap in the score, as well as doubt.

Breeden was unsure if the Blue Raiders would be able to win after the top of the fifth inning with Southern Miss having a 5-1 lead, but Laura Mealer hit a triple allowing both Amaya Harris and Hill to score which brought the team back for a chance to win.

After a home run by Maria Smith, Corrina Dodd stepped in for previous pitcher Danielle Taitt and kept the Golden Eagles from scoring for the rest of the game.

Innings six through nine had fans from both sides on the edge of their seats as the Blue Raiders and Southern Miss fought for the game winning run.

The Blue Raiders play Tennessee State March 23rd at Blue Raider Softball Field at 5pm.


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