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MTSU wins against FIU in double overtime

By MTN Sports Reporter Caroline Colvard

(The Blue Raiders celebrate the second goal of the night scored by Kirstine Lykke.)

MTSU women’s soccer earned another victory on Saturday in a nail-biter against FIU. The competition was fierce as both teams went head-to-head throughout the standard 90-minute game as well as two additional overtime periods.

The first goal of the night was scored by FIU senior midfielder, Jessica Magerman at minute 15 of the game. Magerman was able to make the shot with assistance from senior forward Idelys Vazquez.

After a slow start for MTSU, the Raiders earned their first goal of the night when senior forward Peyton DePriest, assisted by freshmen midfielder Kirstine Lykke, scored before the end of the first half of the game.

DePriest returned the favor by assisting Lykke, who secured the second goal of the night during minute 71 of the game, putting the Blue Raiders up 2-1.

However, FIU soon took possession of the ball and tied up the score when freshman forward Noemi Paquin made the second goal of the game without any assistance. With the score tied up 2-2, the Panthers and Blue Raiders fought for the winning shot, with FIU outshooting MTSU until the clock ran out.

After a quick break, MTSU and FIU emerged determined onto the field and began overtime. The Panther’s outshot the Blue Raiders again, 4-1, but to no avail. Neither team scored during these 10 minutes, ultimately leading to the second overtime of the game.

(Junior goalkeeper Hannah Suder defends her post.)

The second overtime was a stalemate until the 108th minute of the game, when sophomore defender Alex Goffi took her shot and scored the first goal of her career, winning the game for the Blue Raiders 3-2.

Regarding the first goal of her career, Goffi said, “So far this season, every single game, I’m like, ‘Why have I not scored?’, and it’s frustrating me. So, I am just beyond happy that I did, and I’m especially happy that I could do it for my team after such a long game.”


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