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Murfreesboro Police Officer Saves Baby

By MTN Reporter: Robert Driver

The Brown family are overjoyed because of the heroic efforts from a

local Murfreesboro police officer who saved their sons life.

On August 31, Zaire Brown would be in a fight for his life after he stopped breathing. The parents decided to drive him to the hospital,

however to their surprise Robert Baer, Murfreesboro police officer, was in

the right place at the right time.

At two in the morning, Zaire’s father flagged down Baer from his

vehicle and that’s where Baer began his heroic actions that saved Zaire’s


Baer stated,” I picked him up and his eyes rolled back in his head, I

then set him back down and he stopped breathing again, and the I started

to administer CPR again with chest compressions. Once Zaire came to, he

started breathing again.”

Medical professionals arrived on the scene and performed additional


A week later Baer was able to visit Zaire again under better

circumstances. The event and reconnection between Zaire and Baer were an

emotional encounter for Baer.

“Having a son going home to just grab him, and make sure he was

okay, then coming back here tonight it is a great feeling.’

Marchelle Brown, Zaire’s mother, gave the title “Zaire’s Earthly

Angel” to Baer.


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