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One Dead Another Injured in Apartment Shootout

Story by Jake Fink, MTN Reporter

Dec. 17th, 2020

MURFREESBORO, TN -- A shootout at Campus Crossing on December 4 left one person dead and another injured,

according to Murfreesboro Police. 20-year-old, Montavis Jones, died in the shooting with several

gunshot wounds, according to Murfreesboro Police. Police found Jones’ body in the parking lot

of the apartment complex near MTSU. A second individual involved in the altercation was

dropped off at Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital by two unidentified males, according to

Murfreesboro Police. The other victim, 19, remains alive but has not been publicly identified. No

other people were injured in the shootout although two apartments and several vehicles got

caught in the crossfire, according to Murfreesboro Police. An argument between the group of

individuals instigated the shooting shortly before 11:00 p.m. on a Friday night, according to

Murfreesboro Police.

Murfreesboro Police list the two unidentified victims, who dropped off the 19-year-old, as

persons of interest. The two males fled from the hospital prior to the arrival of the police,

according to Murfreesboro Police. Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital cameras captured brief

images of two individuals carrying the victim as well as departing from the hospital.

Police are currently still investigating the murder of Montavis Jones. Anyone with information is

asked to contact Detective Chris Pate at (629) 201-5616 or email


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