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RCFR Completes Series of Rescues Following Heavy Rainfall and Flooding

Murfreesboro, TN- Rutherford County Fire Rescue completed six water rescues from vehicles and one from a home Wednesday night.

Heavy rainfall and flash flooding resulted in several roads to be closed and several areas with high water.

RCFR and their partner LaVergne Fire Rescue Department responded to six calls where people where pulled out of the vehicles due to high water levels. 

RCFR also reported rescuing three people and a dog from a house that was experiencing flooding.

After reaching safety, the family was able to find shelter for the night before returning to their home the following morning as water receded. 

Several other rescue calls were cancelled after vehicles were able to leave the waters before responders could arrive. 

During the storm, Rutherford County and surrounding county citizens were advised to say inside their homes and to avoid any areas with high water levels. 

“It is imperative that people heed the warnings from emergency management and other public safety agencies,” said RCFR Captain Matthew Lupo. “’Turn Around, Don’t Drown’ is not just a catchy phrase, it’s a serious statement meant to keep drivers in our community safe, as well as first responders who might have to attempt to rescue them.” 


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