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Rutherford County Restricts Waste Disposal

- MTN Reporter Caitlin Able

4 April 2020

Rutherford County Solid Waste has announced that it will only be accepting one bulk item per household due to an influx of discarded materials.

Bulk items have been defined as anything larger than what would fit into a "kitchen-sized" trashcan.

"On Wednesday this week, Rutherford County residents generated 101 loads of trash and recyclables, most of which were bulk items," said Solid Waste Director Mac Nolen.

Additionally, Rutherford County Solid Waste will not be accepting building materials until further notice.

"As this event evolves, it's possible we may have to make other changes," said Nolen. "We might have to close on Sundays or limit bagged loads or recyclable loads."

All Rutherford County Convenience and Recycling Centers remain open during regular business hours unless further developments require adjustment.

Any future changes will be updated through the department's official website and Facebook pages.


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