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Summer Fadeout: Ronin Black

By: MTN Reporter Deshaun Ellis

Ronin Black is one of Nashville’s premier artists. His music sounds like no other, with his expert use of booming drums and haunting melodies, his music goes against the grain. Every time he performs it is different from the last performance in terms of energy and setlists. Recently, he threw a show titled “Summer Fadeout” along with Walt Flames, Jdoughblay, and DJs Afrosheen & MANIIA. I was unable to attend so I caught up with Ronin to ask him a couple questions about the show.

Deshaun Star: So how did this show come about? You’ve thrown shows in the past, but none recently. What made you want to do this one?

Ronin Black: A good friend approached me and asked me to help them throw a show because we had noticed a void in party centric shows as of late. We had been to a lot of fun shows but they weren't rap oriented so we wanted to throw our own.

DS: So what was the show’s energy like?

RB: The energy was like a wrestling cage match.

DS: How so?

RB: There were bodies everywhere being thrown. We fashioned the show like a rave so everyone knew what to expect and everyone had a good time.

DS: How fun is it to see all your friends performing at one show? This isn’t the first time it’s happened, but how was it this time?

RB: All my friends have great stage presence, they way the work crowds is insane to me. It’s always fun to hear their unreleased music that they haven’t shown me. It’s almost like being in the crowd.

DS: What is your favorite thing about performing?

RB: My favorite part of performing is that it is an extension of the music itself. Making a song that people like and making a song to be performed live are two different things. At a show you can see the audience react to the energy in real time.

DS: What was your favorite part of the show?

RB: My favorite part of the show was that after I finished performing I got to watch my event play out. Seeing everything come together in perfect harmony was great.

Ronin Black has recently released his new single Napoleon on all streaming platforms.


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