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  • Christine Eschenfelder, Ph.D.

The Other Side of Cabo


Christine Eschenfelder, Ph.D.

Dan Eschenfelder, M.A. Candidate

A closer look at how some families live in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

In this three-part series shot on location, we spend time with some of the families living and working in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. These are close families living just up the hill from the beautiful beaches and resorts that draw so many from around the world for vacations, taking in the breathtaking views and beautiful weather. Many Mexican families make the trek downhill to the vibrant beaches every day to make their living selling items, hoping to earn income to support their entire families.  We'll introduce you to some of the brillant children of this beautiful city and show you how they contribute to their households. 

This series also explores the struggles they face: Poverty, safety, access to education, and drugs. We'll introduce you to a charismatic young lady working to help her family, a young man who dreams of becoming a pilot after escaping violence in one Mexico city, and a Middle Tennessee family working to make a difference.


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