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Top 5 Places to Study on MTSU Campus

By: MTN Reporter Kristi Jones

Outside the Quad

Having the perfect Fall day but need to study for a massive exam? Head out to the Quad and sit at any picnic table for a relaxing study sesh with the chirping birds and cool fall wind. You’re close to Starbucks if you need a snack or need to run into the library and print something off! A relaxing way to get in your study hours for the week!


You can’t study on an empty stomach! Sit at a personal table, group table or comfortable leather chair and study for hours! This is a great spot for some light work if you still want to relax and have some social time! Study Tip: If you work well with rewards, set goals for yourself and when you meet them you get yourself a treat!

4th Floor Private Room in Library

This is where you’ll see most students during finals week! The perfect spot to grind on your studying or the major research paper due in two days. A silent room in the library where you can rent out personal rooms and not be distracted. You can rent room online here. They have spaces that fit 4-12 people for group presentation prep or just one on one studying.

Science Building

If you aren’t a science major, break away from your building and study in the new science building! Study rooms have walls of white boards that anyone can write out their to do lists or any work they need to. Study Tip: if you want to focus, leave your normal spots if you know you will see a friend and get distracted.

Keathley University Center

The underdog of study spots some may say. The KUC is almost never packed, and with three floors, has plenty of spaces to study at alone. If you need a break to get a bite to eat, head over to McCallie’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner!


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