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Anastasia Hayes on the Naismith Trophy Watch List

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Houston Chapman, MTN Reporter

February 10th

Anastasia Hayes was named to the Naismith Trophy Watch List. She is competing for this award along with top-ranked schools like Louisville, UCONN, and South Carolina. She has led the nation in scoring this season with an impressive 28 points a game. She even had a career-high 42-point night this season.

The Lady Raiders are 12-5 on the season and 1st overall in the conference. They are having an incredible season and are the favorites to win the C-USA Tournament. There are two other players on the team that are top 25 in the nation in scoring.

The team looks to make a deep NCAA run this season and is hoping for a good seed. The NCAA announced that the Women’s Basketball Tournament would be held in San Antonio, TX. Rather than taking place in multiple cities, all games will be held in the

same town to minimize travel.


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