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Blue Raider Sports Hall of Fame Induction

By: MTN Sports Reporter Chris Sakacsi | October 4, 2021

MTSU was flowing with greatness this weekend as members of the blue raider sports hall of fame class of 2021 arrived.

Celebrations kicked off on friday night with a discussion panel at the Kennon Sports Hall of Fame building on campus. Members of the 2020 class were also given a chance to shine due to last year's COVID-19 pandemic cancelling the event.

The induction ceremony began saturday afternoon with the six honorees that cemented their legacies with MTSU, reflecting on their fondest memories.

As the legends gave their speeches, Desmond "Boogie" Yates shed some thoughts on what this achievement meant for him.

"I'm a grateful man that my time here didn't go unseen, so that's the biggest thing I can say man. I'm simply grateful for this opportunity."


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