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Cash-2-Stay Reported

Written By: Yacin Fahmy

On the October 29th, a man by the name of Don Gallant walked into the Murfreesboro Police Department to report a crime. The perpetrator, Cash-2-Go.

The local business located on Memorial Boulevard is being accused by Mr. Gallant of wrongfully and maliciously withdrawing $500 from his account.

Prior to this incident, Mr.Gallant took out a $500 loan with Cash-2-Go with a final due date of October 28th.

The moment he knew he wouldn't be able to pay the loan back on time he attempted to contact the business only to be greeted by a voicemail that stated all accounts and employees had been sold over to Tennessee Quick Cash.

After contacting the establishment, Mr. Gallant was told that his account had not been bought out by Tennessee Quick Cash.

Currently, Mr. Gallant is still unable to contact any representative from Cash-2-Go, and the matter remains unresolved.


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