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Chemadi plans return to MTSU track and field

By Kuamii Gandy

MTN Sports Reporter

April 20, 2020

Just a few short months ago, senior Kigen Chemadi looked to finish his MTSU track and field career strong. He was on his way, ranked 9th in the nation taking 4th place in the NCAA South Regional and 1st in two other events.

In the 2020 portion of the season, Chemadi took gold, and bronze in the C-USA championship. He set a few records as well as made it to the NCAA championship. These were all the goals that he had hoped to achieve.

“My preparation to get there was great. I trained hard throughout the indoor season with my team and coaches” said Chemadi.

Senior Kegan Chemadi

Photo Courtesy MTSU Athletics

With the COVID-19 outbreak finishing the season early and cancelling the championship that was scheduled in June, Chemadi’s goals and expectations took a halt.

Not only was his season cancelled, but his graduation was pushed back to the fall. An aerospace major, the hands-on requirements, the practicum, that he had to meet were not able to be completed.

So, what was next? He said with the track season over he had plenty of time to focus on his schoolwork, but the hands-on requirements threw everything off.

“Right now I would be doing the practicum, but I can’t so I’m not able to graduate anymore in the summer,” said Chemadi.

As far as track and field, Chemadi intends on taking the opportunity provided by the NCAA and compete again in spring of 2021.

“I plan on returning next year, everything seems to still be intact with my scholarship” Chemadi said optimistically. “I’m still training and running at the moment, I going to keep going.”

Head coach Dean Hayes stated that he would be eager for his return. He claimed that Chemadi was a hard worker and had talent.

Chemadi plans on attending graduate school in the fall.


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