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City Cafe Celebrates 120 years

Middle Tennessee News Reporter Gracie Martin

Pictures by DeAmbrea West

MURFREESBORO, TN-- The oldest restaurant in Tennessee turns 120 years old today in downtown Murfreesboro. City Cafe has been feeding the folks since 1900 and plans to keep their traditions alive. Owner Teresa Kellogg said, "We don’t want to change, we want to be that simple way. We’re never going to be a fast food joint and we're never going to be fine dining. We’re just going to be that down home place where you walk in as a stranger and leave as family." The restaurant celebrates their birthday by $1.20 breakfast specials, free cake, and drawings for City Cafe merchandise. Mrs. Kellogg says, it's an honor and privilege to be able to serve the people of the community for such a long time. “We want everyone to know that if it wasn’t for our customers we wouldn’t be here. They are the bread and butter here," said Kellogg.


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