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Cleveland State baseball commit Herrera looks ahead to college

By Bailey Etheridge

MTN Sports Reporter

April 9, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic caused high schools around the country to suspend and cancel sports seasons. For Tennessee, the spring sports season for high schools is suspended until at least April 24 according to the latest TSSAA announcement.

For Yosuany Herrera, a senior baseball player for John Overton, it means staying in limbo hoping for another chance to put on the uniform again.

“It sucks because you spend all year with your boys working hard for the season just to have it taken away,” says Herrera, whose team has won 10-straight district titles. “For some guys, this was their last chance to get noticed by colleges, and now that’s been taken away from them.”

He admits it makes him feel better to know baseball is in his future, especially since most of his teammates won’t ever lace up their cleats again.

“It makes it easier to know that I get the opportunity to play at CSCC in the fall, but I still feel for those who didn’t get their last chance to play ball. The worst part for me and the other seniors is not being able to walk on senior night with our families.”

Despite the stay-home orders, Yosuany has been doing what he can to stay in shape and train at home.

“I’ve been doing a lot of tee work and front toss outside to work on my swing. I’ve also been doing body weight work outs (pull-ups, sit-ups, push-ups) at home and running my backyard hill to condition and stay in shape.” There is no word yet when the TSSAA will make an announcement on the season.


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