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Coach Crawford Talks Spring Schedule and Trae McCutchan

By: Taylor Lawson

Middle Tennessee’s volleyball team has released their first Spring schedule since 2020. With new team members, coach Chuck Crawford is excited to see the games take shape on the court.

“Spring is where you see a lot of major changes happen, and so to have an actual spring where you can train kids... and break them down and build them back up... they’ve never had that opportunity,” coach Crawford said.

For some players, this is the first time they are being broken like a glowstick, which is how coach Crawford likes to talk about the training season.

“What happens when you break a glowstick? It shines! I want my players to shine,” the head coach explained.

During practice, Trae McCutchan is working hard to rebuild her technique. The freshman player is preparing to survive the Division 1 level games.

“I think [I’m most excited] to see how she handles the Division 1 level, how she’ll handle that mentally... because in the fall, that’s the most important thing to handle in a tight game,” Coach Crawford said.

The first game of the Spring Season is on Feb. 26 at noon in the Alumni Memorial Gymnasium against Tennessee Technical College.


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