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Dishman leads MTSU to 64-58 win over Cal Baptist

By: Jonathan Helwig

MTN Sports Reporter

Twitter: @helwig_island

MTSU starting forward DeAndre Dishman has a big day to push the Blue Raiders past the first round in the Roman CBI.

MTSU started off the game streaky going into halftime down 1 with Cal Baptist having a 10-point lead at one point in the first half. MTSU capitalized the second half by going on a 16-point run that sparked the momentum for MTSU to take over the game.

MTSU held Cal Baptist to a scoreless run for about 8 minutes of the game. Right after the Blue Raiders run, the were held scoreless for almost 7 minutes until a Cam Weston layup pulled them out of the drought.

Dishman finished the game with an impressive starting line of 17 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists. Elias King also had a great game coming off the bench scoring a season-high of 9 points with 4 rebounds as well. Kings season average is 2.5 pts per game.

With MTSU advancing to the second round of the Roman CBI tournament, they will face off against Boston University who are led by senior guard Javante McCoy (17.6 pts per game).


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