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Five Tennessee Music Acts to put on Your Radar

By: Breanna Sanders

Home of the blues and the country capitol of the world, Tennessee has talent around every corner. Whether you are into metal, indie, or hip-hop- Tennessee has it all. Here are some music acts that I have an eye on, and you should too.

  1. Knoll (Memphis)

The deathgrind band has been making waves, with their debut album Interstice ranking 31 on Decibel Magazine’s Top 40 albums of 2021.

It is loud, aggressive, and it feels like a breath of fresh air for the world of grind and metal. The group will be touring with Frail Body until February 25th.

Listen to Earths Iron Lung on YouTube

(Photo Credits: @brittlebonesil on Instagram)

2. Rick West (Nashville)

For those that long for chill vibes and songs that make you want to sit on a tire swing on a summer day, Rick West is the guy for you. His album Fwd: is stripped back and perfect to sing-along to in your car.

Rick West collaborated with fellow musician Scotty Malcolm for Rick & Scotty’s Secret Color released October 2021.

You can watch the video for Pilot on YouTube.

Links to Social Media and to his music:

3. Choppa Tee (Memphis)

When it comes to rap, nobody does it like Memphis and Choppa Tee knows what she is doing.

She has the image, production, bars, and flow- all the qualities to become the next big star in hip-hop.

Her talent shines through in her Beatbox Freestyle from May 2021.

Watch the video for Streets Paid for it on YouTube.

Links to her Social Media and to her music:

4. THIRDFACE (Nashville)

THIRDFACE’s 2021 release Do it With a Smile is gritty and brutal. I feel that THIRDFACE leans more into the fast and unapologetically loud punk qualities of hardcore, and I love it.

The band will be touring with post-hardcore legends Touché Amoré in March.

Watch the video for Villains! on YouTube.

Links to music and Social Media:

5. Jarren Blair (Hendersonville)

Jarren Blair’s sound is like no other. Each song has its own personality, and it is hard to box him into one genre.

His sound takes notes from various genres such as r&b, indie, alternative rock, hip-hop, and pop. He recently released his single “Party On” with Lackhoney on January 14.

Watch In Love Again from the Groove Sessions on YouTube.

Links to his music and Social Media:


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