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Gov. Bill Lee Introduces Constitutional Carry Legislation

MTN Reporter Haley Perkins February 28, 2020

Governor Bill Lee announced that he is proposing legislation to advance the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Tennesseans by implementing a Constitutional Carry law.

"I am pleased to announce Constitutional Carry legislation that will protect the Second Amendment rights of Tennesseans, while also stiffening penalties on criminals who steal or illegally possess firearms." said Gov. Bill Lee.

The governor's legislation would extend the constitutional right to carry a handgun to all law-abiding citizens with or without a permit who are 21 and older, except in current restricted areas.

The legislation also includes a number of increased penalties for firearm- related crime to promote public safety. This would include:

- Increasing the penalty for theft of a firearm to a felony;

- Providing a sentencing enhancement for theft of a firearm in a car;

- Increasing the minimum sentence for theft of a firearm from 30 days to 180 days;

-Increasing the sentences for unlawful possession of a firearm by violent felons and felony drug offenders, possession of a handgun by a felon, and unlawfully providing a handgun to a juvenile or allowing a juvenile to possess a handgun.

The legislation has support of many officials including Lt. Governor Randy McNally, Speaker Cameron Sexton, Senate Majority Leader Jack Johnson and House Majority Leader William Lamberth.


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