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Gov.Lee Signs Executive Order Requiring Tennesseans to Stay Home

Digital Content Manager: Alicia Patton

Governor Bill Lee signed an executive order today that requires all Tennesseans to remain at home with the exception of essential travel.

Governor Lee says recent data showcases social movement increasing and it is essential that the state brings it back down.The executive order will remain in place until April 14, 2020.

The order will enforce all businesses that are deemed as non-essential to shut down until the order has expired.

The order also lists and clarifies what essential businesses can remain open:

-Federal and state offices and services

-Grocery and beverage stores

-Health care and biomedical research businesses

-Sanitation and waste removal businesses

-Pharmacies and medical supply businesses

-Gas stations

-Laundromats/cleaning services

-Construction businesses

-All businesses which rely upon deliveries

It is asked that if the public witnesses any non-essential business operating unlawfully to report them by calling 311.


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