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Grand Opening for Zama Park in Smyrna, Tennessee

Noah Baughman, MTN Reporter

September 9, 2020

On Wednesday, September 16, the town of Smyrna will finally be opening up Zama Park after breaking ground less than a year ago.

The park is said to, “Honor the relationship with our Sister City, Zama, Japan, and the

educational, social, cultural, and business exchanges between our communities for over 30

years.” More than 40 years ago President Eisenhower launched the non-for-profit program,

People to People International, initiating the Smyrna Sister City Program.

Since 1991, the town of Smyrna and the city of Zama, Japan have Sister Cities. This relationship has been beneficial to theses cities because of the endless opportunities each one gives the other such as, business and educational.

For the Grand Opening both Mayor Mary Esther Reed and Consul- General of Jain in Nashville Kayoko Fukushima will be attendance for the special event. However, due to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic the event is invitation only and CDC regulations will be put in place.


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