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Halftime Report for the Last Dance in the Devil's Playground

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

By: Ryan Martinolich

MTN Sports Reporter

Durham N.C. – Following handily wins for Duke and Colorado on Saturday night, the Blue Devils and Buffaloes are fighting for a spot in the sweet 16.

At the end of the first half, Colorado has the advantage going into the locker room, 32-26

Blown whistles were a constant throughout the first half, as both teams combined for 24 turnovers and 17 fouls.

Just like Saturday’s victory over the Middle Tennessee Lady Raiders, the Buffaloes again started hot, as they raced out to another double digit lead early in the first quarter, and would have the first quarter lead 21-11, thanks to Senior Quay Miller scoring 11 of her teams points along with four rebounds

The Blue Devils, coming off their blowout over Iona, struggled to gain any traction early on, with Colorado maintaining a double-digit lead early in the second quarter, but junior guard Vanessa De Jesus came off the bench and rattled in seven points for the Blue Devils to jolt their offense back into the rhythm it had on Saturday.

With the offense in flow, the defensive stands followed, allowing for many deflections inside the paint and outside the arc, creating more turnovers for the Buffaloes, and denying Colorado any opportunities to extend their lead

Junior Frida Formann, who scored 21 points over the Lady Raiders, has yet to record a made basket or a single point, as the Blue Devils, who came into the evening with a top 5 defense in scoring, limiting her and her fellow guard, Jaylyn Sherrod.


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