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High Speed Police Chase Leads to Crash Into Unoccupied Home

Charles Crump, MTN Reporter

February 12th, 2020

Mt. Juliet Police intercepted and arrested 47-year-old Glen Adams around 4:25 p.m. on Tuesday after he evaded police in what was identified as a stolen car.

The black Toyota Highlander SUV was flagged by police camera software which picked up the vehicle's tags on an intersection along Lebanon Road.

Adams was first spotted by police close to interstate 40 where he began to evade squad cars leading to a chase.

Police pursuit of Adams lead to Central Pike where he lost control of the SUV and swerved off road, and into an uninhabited home.

After the crash, police insured the home was empty, that the gas lines were turned off, and that Adams was still in the car.

Adams was then immediately removed from the vehicle and arrested with a number of charges including theft of property, DUI, and evading arrest.

“It is unclear why Adams was in Mt. Juliet and over 35 miles from where the SUV was stolen," stated Mt. Juliet Chief of Police James Hambrick, "but I’m glad that technology was able to alert our officers to his presence."

Adams was previously wanted out of Sumner and Wilson County for previous charges relating to drugs, felony theft, and voluntary manslaughter.


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