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It's a whole different University



Audio Transcript:

It has now been a year since COVID-19 has impacted MTSU’s campus.

What started as a two-week spring break, ended up affecting everyone for over a year now. With most classes being strictly online, some students decided to stay home instead of moving on campus for the semester.

A lot of students didn’t have a choice to live on campus though, due to MTSU cutting dorm occupancy in half.

With classes being online and the university cutting on-campus housing in half, it was expected for MTSU’s enrollment record to go down in 2020.

That was not the case though, Fall 2020 enrollment for MTSU actually went up by 1.65% compared to the enrollment of Fall of 2019.

The same is for Spring 2021 compared to Spring 2020. This spring enrollment went up 1.6% compared to last year.

Though there are not a lot of students on Campus, MTSU’s total of new students for this Spring term actually increased by over 100 students.

Photo Credit: TJ Myers

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