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Kathy's Closing After 31 Years

If you have shopped in McMinnville in the last three decades, you have probably heard of Kathy’s. The local boutique that has been around for 31 years announced they are closing their business. Kathy Brewer opened her boutique right after graduating college and it has remained a highlight of McMinnville Plaza ever since.

“I was a graduate of MTSU, 1989 I graduated in the December of 1989 and opened my store in July, June, July of 1990. So straight out of MTSU.”

The customers of this loved boutique are saddened by the news of the sudden closing. Kathy’s shopper, Emily Grove is one of many who will miss shopping there.

“When I found out that Kathy’s was closing, I was really sad because it was a family-owned business and we don’t have a lot of clothing stores, especially boutiques in McMinnville and in Warren County. So, it was just really sad to see a store like that close their doors. And I know that especially a lot of people loved to get their prom dress from there, so it is just really sad that they are closing.”

If you were wondering if Kathy herself is sad about the closing, think again. She views this chapter of her life as a career goal.

“I’m excited. You know 31 years is a career, and it’s been great. I am looking forward to the next chapter.”

Kathy’s will remain open until May 10th and she is thankful for all the support over the past 31 years.


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