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Man Charged with Pop-Tart Fingerprints

MTN Reporter Linda Quezada

February 28, 2020

Jimmy Dean Ullrich Jr.,42, was charged for housebreaking, robbery and vandalism after the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), a system used by the Murfreesboro Police Department, recovered fingerprints from a Pop-Tart wrapper.

Ullrich entered the home in Memorial Blvd. six-months ago where he entered through the attic and caused hundreds of dollars in damage.

It is believed that Ullrich stole the owner’s dirt bike, weapons, money, an iPhone 7, ammunition and other items.

Some stolen items have been recovered with the exception of the firearms and dirt bike.

Ullrich is still in jail with a $21,500 bond. He will appear in Court March 4.


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