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Man Drives Body From Chattanooga to Nashville

Ryan Loftis, MTN Reporter, September 27, 2021

According to Metro Nashville PD, Thomas Henshall Jr. arrived at Nashville's VA Medical Center at 5:15 p.m. this Saturday with the body of his mother wrapped/rolled up in the back of his truck. Henshall claims that his mother, 60-yr-old Danielle Bowen, has committed suicide and he found her in a wooded area in Chattanooga. According to MNPD homicide detective Madison Meiss, Henshall said that he was right next to his mother when she shot herself. However, he told his girlfriend that he discovered the victim in the woods. MNPD homicide units are investigating a potential assisted-suicide case. "He agreed to put me out of my misery," Bowen stated in a recording that was sent in an email by Henshall to his girlfriend.

Thomas Henshall Jr., 37.

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