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Men Trapped in Snail Shell Cave

Story by: Nick Surratt, MTN reporter

September 14, 2020

ROCKVALE, TN -- Two men were rescued from rising waters in Snail Shell Cave in Rockvale, Tennessee. 

Steady rain over the weekend caused the water levels in Snail Shell Cave to rise high enough that the two men became trapped. 

The Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office and Rutherford County Emergency Medical Services received the report and were dispatched around 12:00 pm on September 13. 

Rutherford County Fire Rescue crew members were sent into the cave attached to safety ropes. The water was rising too fast to wait for Hamilton County Cave Rescue. Off duty personnel from both Rutherford County Fire Rescue and Murfreesboro Fire Rescue Department were called in to assist in the rescue. 

No injuries were reported from either victims or rescuers.

Image provided by Lisa Marchesoni, Public Information Officer with Rutherford County Sheriff's Office.


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