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MTSU will not Allow Roommates this Semester

Written by: Digital Content Manager Alicia Patton

As Covid-19 continues to challenge day to day life, new precautions are having to be set in place in order to adapt to this "new normal."

MTSU is implementing new regulations and taking advice from various organizations such as the CDC and the Tennessee Pledge Access Guidelines. Their solution to cease the transmission of the virus is to allow only single occupancy rooms this semester.

Students living on campus next semester will be assigned to a private or single bedroom. Although this may be good news to some, MTSU will not allow housing capacity to fill to 100%.

Priority for the rooms will be given first to the new freshmen, and upperclassmen are urged to consider living in off-campus housing or with their families next semester. It has been reported that 1,201 freshmen have completed housing applications and only 1,272 students will be allowed to live in the single rooms.

Dr. Debra Sells also states that students living on-campus will have to follow social distancing rules. Outside visitors will not be allowed in rooms, and community areas such as study rooms and lounges may be closed.

To get specific details on the single room rates students are advised to visit:


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