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MTN Reporter Tommie Curry 2/12/20

Tennessee adults will need a REAL I.D. driver’s license and passport for domestic flights by October 1, 2020. Residents have the option of renewing their driver’s license or getting a real I.D. from the DMV. This new requirement was constructed from the federal REAL I.D. Act of 2005, which was passed as a Department of Homeland Security measure. The REAL I.D. will have a gold star on the upper right side of the driver license. It was created for higher security by making them more tamper-proof. To apply, applicants will need to bring proof of citizenship, Social Security Number, and two proofs of Tennessee residency along with documentation to support any name change. Residents who plan to fly domestically don’t have to renew their driver’ license. Those who already have a passport that were received 15 years ago can renew them by mail. For more information about REAL I.D.


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