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Regina Hall Cringy Covid “Jokes”

Opinion article By Kathleen Caldwell

MTN Lifestyle and Entertainment Reporter

This years’ Oscars award show was something to talk about. One thing that not many people are talking about is Regina Hall’s Covid-protocol comedy bit. In one of the in between sections of the award show, Hall came onstage with a paper in hand and called up several men, including Timothee Chalamet and Tyler Perry for a “completely random” covid test.

She told the men to go backstage, “take your mask off and your clothes and I am going to swab the back of your mouth with my tongue and we will do some other freaky stuff which I will record.” The audience roared with laughter at this. However, if a man did the same bit, there would be severe backlash.

Hall then continued her comedic bit patting down Josh Brolin and Jason Mamoa for another “Covid protocol.” She touched their backs and legs in a manner such as police officer doing a pat down. This not only borders on sexual harassment but these actions are, in my opinion, just straight up inappropriate. Again, if a man did the same, it would not be accepted, and especially not found to be funny. Why the double standard? One twitter user pointed this out in a passionate tweet.

Do you think this should be more talked about? Do Regina Hall’s actions qualify for sexual harassment? Do you think if a man did the same thing it would be viewed in such a light? You have my opinion. We want to hear your opinions.


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