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Rutherford County Parents Outraged After School Cancelation

Written by, Shemar Barnett, MTN Reporter

Rutherford County parents were outraged yesterday after Rutherford County schools called out due to “unexpected heavier snow in LaVergne and Smyrna.”  According to parents, snowfall didn’t begin until around 6:30. Unfortunately, schools were officially called around 7:30, Tuesday, morning. The problem being, some students were already being bussed into schools, when the Rutherford County school district decided to tell bus drivers to turn busses around and drive them back home.

The sudden cancelation sprouted an uproar among many Rutherford county parents who were working and could not turn around and many kids were sent home without having a house-key, meaning many students were outside in the cold. Parents then took to the Rutherford County Schools official Facebook page to voice their frustrations on the matter. Over 100 comments on the page featured comments from citizens concerned for their children and angry at Rutherford County officials claiming that the snow would be short lived anyway.

“Sorry but this call so late leaves so many students at risk! Our children would’ve been safer at school since this is at the tail end of the storm! Now we have kids who do not have parents at home either at the bus stop or soon to be. This plan was poorly executed!” One parent, Maverick Bullock on Facebook expressed. “my daughter was locked outside today. My neighbor found her crying. She was suppose to go to boys and girls club” Says Facebook user Takara McIntosh.

After receiving backlash on multiple social media platforms and several calls to the district, Rutherford County Schools released an official statement.

“Thanks to everyone for working together this morning to help us get kids home safely after the unfortunate and unforeseen timing of the snow.

We know if caused lots of inconveniences for parents who had to quickly change plans to get their children, but unfortunately, we must rely on the forecast when there is a chance of inclement weather. The early morning forecast today did not call for anything but a possible dusting affecting our county, but as we approached 7 a.m., more snow than expected began falling in the northern part of the county, and we began receiving reports from law enforcement about slick secondary roads.

It was the worst possible time for such an event because we already had some students at school while others were either on a bus or not picked up yet.

Regardless, we do appreciate our parents and their help this morning, even though we understand it was very frustrating. Thanks again for all you do for your children and their education.”

As chaotic as this news has been, Tennessee weather remains unpredictable. Updates on the matter, if any, will be soon to follow.


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