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Rutherford County’s First Safe Baby Court Graduation

Posted Apr 19, 2021

The Rutherford County Juvenile Court held its first graduation ceremony of its Safe Baby Court program on Friday April 16.

Safe Baby Court is a program focused on families with children under 3-years-old. The program provides multiple services to parents who struggle with substance use and or mental health issues in an effort to keep children in safe, stable homes.

The participants meet with judges, court staff, and engaged community partners regularly to help them on the journey to healthier, happier lives for both them and their children.

This program is unique because it is the only one in the country to even focus purely on prevention cases where the child has not been entered into foster care yet.

The very first Rutherford County Safe Baby Court graduation celebrated the successful completion of the program by a local mother.

For more information you can contact Landon Woodroof from the Administrative Office of the Court’s Communications Department at 615-499-6294.


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