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Smyrna Police Warn Citizens of Phone Scams

Morgan Gonzalez, MTN Reporter

February 10, 2020

The Smyrna Police Department is warning citizens about the dangers of sharing information over the phone in regards to phone scams.

Smyrna Police Department Chief Kevin Arnold says that while a few reports have been made of attempted phone scamming, the attempts have yet to be successful. “We want to be proactive in messaging to our community to prevent anyone from falling victim to this crime,” Arnold says.

SPD has five tips to help citizens avoid phone scams:

1. Never provide personal information.

2. Do not purchase gift cards, vouchers, pre-paid cards and do not send money; government departments or private businesses never demand payment in any form of gift cards

3. No law enforcement agency will request vouchers, gift cards, or money cards to pay for bonds.

4. Be careful of an individual asking you to wire money.

5. Be careful of unsolicited asks for money.

Citizens are encouraged to call the Smyrna Police Department with any questions or concerns at 615-459-6644.


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