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So you want to be a songwriter?

by Olivia Cate

Nashville, Tennessee. Better known as the music city that attracts thousands of aspiring artists to move here every year. Local artists gathered at a songwriters night event to share tips on how to proceed a career in the business. One of the artists, Emily Landis gave inside on how to get involved.

Emily -

"If you go to shows around town, go to writers rounds, Whiskey Jam, with all the networking, you'll find new people in town as well who are singing songs that you're like 'oh, I love their song.' You should introduce yourself to them after the round and maybe you guys can write together."

Also, other businesses like Belcourt taps and Alley Taps in Nashville hold writer rounds. Co- writing as much as possible increases the chances of exposure and getting paid for your work, since you are able to sell your songs to other artists. Furthermore, interning at a publishing company can give you a greater perspective on the music industry.

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