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Tennessee History Day

MTN Reporter Haley Perkins March 6, 2020

On Friday February 28 students from over 25 Middle Tennessee counties gathered at Middle Tennessee State University for the Middle Tennessee History Day Competition.

This year the theme for the competition was Breaking Barriers in History. Middle and High School students competed in a number of categories that are judged by university professors, students and community partners. Each project showcased different events and people in Tennessee history that broke barriers for the state.

The annual event is hosted by The Tennessee Historical Society and holds contests at the state, regional, and district levels. The Tennessee Historical society became the state affiliate of Nation History Day in the 2008-2009 academic year. Since then student and educator participation across the state has more than doubled. Thousands of student across the state participate. After completing many rounds of contest, a delegation of approximately 65 students are selected to represent Tennessee at the National History Day that held every year in June.

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