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Tennessee Senate expels Sen. Katrina Robinson from office on fraud conviction

By: Roni Portzen

MTN Reporter

February 2, 2022

The Tennessee Senate voted Wednesday, February 2nd to remove Democratic Senator Katrina Robinson from office due to her recent wire fraud conviction.

The case against Robinson, who was elected in 2018, involves federal grant money at a school for health care school workers that she operated before she was elected to the Senate.

Robinson argued before the 27-5 vote to expel her that she had been unfairly judged and called it a “procedual lynching” and prompted cheers from the audience who supported her statement.

“I feel beat up standing in front of you guys,” Robinson said. “And really I didn’t prepare any words because there are no words for what this is.”

Prosecutors accused the Memphis lawmaker of paying personal expenses from more than $600,000 in federal grant money.

Robinson was ultimately convicted for two of the 20 counts, involving $3,400 in wedding expenses in 2016.

Robinson is scheduled to be sentenced in March and requested to delay the removal proceedings until after her sentencing but was denied by the GOP senators.

She maintains her innocence throughout the process and the Democrats have said the judgment isn’t final until sentencing.


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