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There is a new exhibit at the Smyrna Outdoor Adventure Center

By: Elisha Nelson

MTN Reporter

February 2, 2022

The Smyrna Outdoor Adventure Center will be starting back their Dinosaurs: Land of Fire and Ice from February 1st - May 8th.

Children ages 3-10 are welcome to the exhibit and will be able to experience uncovering dinosaur fossils as a paleontologist.

Children are also encouraged to see the habitats of the Triceratops and T-rex and are welcome to put on insect costumes while exploring the exhibit.

Parents will be able watch their children meet two dinosaurs who made their homes in the arctic of Alaska, which features an icy slide activity. Participants in these activities will get to draw these dinosaurs with the fossils they dig up.

Following taking a trip through the arctic, children can experience the swampy habitat of some of these ancient dinosaurs.

Children (ages 2-12) will be $5 for admission. Being a SOAC member is not a requirement to be able to participate. The exhibit will run through May 8, 2022.


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